It’s our mission to make providing a service more clear, focused and fun.

Together we can define the
future of service providing

We have come to believe only ‘entrepreneurs’ can truly be successful.
The so-called business people.

We have come to believe that being succesful is reservered for the ones with “entrepreneurial genes”.

That you need to write a huge business plan, before you can even get started. And that your actual skills are only secondary.

That getting bigger is the ultimate goal. And that maximising financial returns is the only thing that matters.

That you need to crush your competitors.

If we think a person running a successful business has to look and act a certain way, we seriously need to rethink some things.

See, entrepreneurship is just something we made up. You don’t need a big shiny office and you specifically don’t need entrepreneur DNA. Being successful is just a matter of conscious choice and discipline. We can al do it.

So we asked ourselves what would happen when anybody had the oportunity
to easily provide a service?

Because we believe that the quality of your services is what’s most important. That succes is not born but is made.

That we make ourselves what we want to be.

Because it’s all about finding the energy and movtivation to go out and do something. It’s about challanging yourself. It's about the grind of always trying to improve. It’s about being patient and being percistent. It’s about conquering the world.

Self improvement has always been the fundemental driver of being human. Together we can build a movement to represent that drive. A movement build around communities and the skills and services that support them. Made for people who value new experiences, who strive for self improvement and who choose to do things togehter

Glemma is a modern experiment in shaping a new way of working. It’s our mission to make
providing a service more clear, focused and fun.

We want to give you the help, the freedom and trust to do things on your terms. And we want to empower you to provide your servcies in a way only you can. Together we can reimagine and build the way of working for the future.

We’re got gonna say it will be easy. Off course not, it's about learning and working to keep improving.

Because this is not about lowering expectations. It's all about working together as community to raise them.

And this about so much more then just feeling comfortable. It's about constantly improving yourself and people around you. It's feeling challenged, feeling like your growing. Waking up with a purpose, being driven to improve. It's about going out to hustle.

That’s why you will make Glemma in to what it will become. Using it however you want to use it. By making it your own. By aiming high and refusing to settle. We are just getting started and we have big things to do together.

This is infinite.

Together we can define the
future of providing great service

We are just getting started. This is infinite.